Japan Branch of the Dickens Fellowship

Greetings from President Toru Sasaki

Here's Richness

"Here's richness." This phrase comes from Dickens's third novel, Nicholas Nickleby, where Squeers, the evil schoolmaster, enjoys a glass of milk in front of hungry boys. A nice little bit of Dickensian ironic humour. I should like to take it out of context, however, for it is Dickens's "richness" that always impresses me. His voluminous output, his innumerable characters: it is richness, indeed. The Dickens Fellowship is a gathering of those who love this richness. There are a number of literary societies in Japan that are set up to study individual authors, but ours is unique, because it is not merely a scholarly society, but a fellowship. A gathering of fellow Dickens lovers, serious and at the same time convivial - that is what I aim for.

Toru Sasaki
President of the Japan Branch of the Dickens Fellowship

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